ves staff



Hi guys!  My name is Oliver.  I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia with my family.  I enjoy meeting new people and helping them have fun with their English learning experience!  When I have spare time, I like to do yardwork and practice archery.  You're always welcome to have a Skype lesson with me!  I'd love to talk with you! 



Hi there! My name is Aaron! I’m a father of 

three little monkeys and an owner of a small zoo!  And yes, that's a snake around my neck! At the moment I love making gundam, watching movies and dramas and commuting on my electric skateboard. I look forward to teaching and getting to know you! :)



Hi, I’m Aiko. I’m half American half Japanese. 

I love summer, the beach and BBQs. 

I have 2 noisy kids Izumi and Kenji. We like going to karaoke and going on bicycle adventures around Fukuoka. 

I enjoy cooking and eating different foods from different countries. 

I love Vitamin because everyone is so warm and friendly. 



Hi my name is Phillip I’m from the U.S. I’ve been teaching English in Fukuoka for over 10 years.   I really enjoy living in Fukuoka.  I like the food, the people, and the weather!  I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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 Hi! My name is Tina!  I enjoy listening to music, exercising, and trying new ways to make classes interesting and educational!  I am a linguaphile, so my final goal in life is to become a polyglot, which is someone who can speak four or more languages fluently.  Learning languages is awesome!  



Hello!  I'm Mari.  I enjoy teaching and love meeting new people!  I'm sure you will enjoy studying English at VESI hope we can meet  someday!  Please stop by the school and say hello!  



  Hello! I'm Steven and I'm from America! I like to ride my bike, travel to places, and watch movies. I recently moved to Fukuoka so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!  Come and enjoy learning English with me. It's going to be fun!



Hiya! I am Jemma from the  capital city of England - London. I came to Japan because I am love  nature, animals and Japanese food.  Some of my favorites are mentiko and  nattou! I really like yoga and cycling, but most of all I love having  fun. Come and say hello please! 😊  




Hello, my name is Noriko.  It's nice to meet you.  I am living in Atlanta, Georgia with my family right now.  I have 2 beautiful daughters and a pretty good husband (Oliver). I am enjoying life in America, but I sometimes miss Fukuoka!  You can read about different things in our Newsletter.  I hope we can meet soon!



Hello, my name is Sayaka. I'm from Chiba. I like watching films, listening to music and taking trips by train!  I hope everyone enjoys speaking English in our school. Please feel free to ask us anything about English.  I hope to see you!



Hi everyone!!

I’m Chiaki. I’m from Kumamoto. My hobbies are reading, watching dramas and movies, cooking, and studying languages! I look forward to seeing you at school!! 



I’m Mayu.

I’m from Fukuoka.

I like eating and football.

I'm also studying English now.  I hope to see you soon!



Hello, I'm Asuka.

I was born in Osaka and I've lived in Fukuoka since I was a child.  I like eating, playing handball, shopping,  and learning English. I've been to Vancouver and studied abroad for 1 year, so If you want to study abroad let me know. I might able to help you. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon:)